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TimeTours: Palenque

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Travel back in time to the golden age of the Maya with 'TimeTours: Palenque'.
Discover the world heritage and metropolis of the Chiapas region

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TimeTours is not just a typical guidebook. Instead, this virtual trip through time brings the past back to life using modern 3D reconstructions. The Now & Then time windows let you experience what the city looked like when ball games and human sacrifices were performed here. The new 'Now & Then & ...' bring the time of the rediscovery alive..

The spherical panorama views put you right into several important locations of ancient Palenque using the built-in compass feature.

TimeTours is the perfect travel guide on location to get the most out of your visit. If you think old stones alone are a little "dry", use the treasure hunt and minigames as an entertaining diversion

Use TimeTours at home or in your hotel and browse through a wealth information and media while listening to Mayan rhythms. The music was created by David Kneupper, the composer for a popular Maya Jump&Run game.

TimeTours: Palenque is -universal- (offering iPhone 4 Retina resolution) - once bought it can be installed on all devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod) and the technical features of each are fully used.


  • Lots of infoscreens with graphics, photos and animations of the 8 most important temples
  • 10 Now & Then time windows
  • 3 Now & Then & Rediscovery-Slider
  • Rare Illustrations and paintings from the past centuries
  • Soundtrack with Maya rhythms
  • 3 spherical panoramas that put you right into the ancient city
  • Treasure hunt (play on location or at home) using GPS and hidden-object game
  • Maya Quiz and Maya Memory / GameCenter support, lots of achievements
  • Two Time travel tour guides help you with all features of the App
  • Additional information on how to get there and where to stay

TimeTours is an ongoing project and will be updated with the latest findings and excavations. One new maya themed mini game will be added with every content update.

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