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About TimeTours

TimeTours is an independant app developer determined to bring the past back to life on your mobile device with the TimeTours series of historical travel guides, educational apps and games.

TimeTours combines the talent of historians and historically interested programmers, game designers and 3D artists from the US, Germany, Italy, Spain and Mexico.

TimeTours is dedicated to historically correct reconstructions of ancient mayan, old roman and other famous historical cities and offering a unique, entertaining and educational view at them.

On the audio side TimeTours is completed by David Kneupper, sound designer for many movies (e.g. Outbreak, The Crow) and well known for his soundtrack for Jump&Run 'Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure'.

Upcoming projects

  • 2014 - TimeTours: Gerasa - (Virtually) visit this old roman city in Jordania, called the best preserved roman archeological site in the world.
  • 2014 - TimeTours: Maya Adventures - This free adventure game will be both background story and lite version for our mayan TimeTours apps.

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